Best husband

When I’m sick and am feeling kinda bad over being broken he comes home and makes me blueberry pancakes with a smiley face on them. Because he is the best.

I would be lost and starving without him. ❤


Disappointing news and a family evening

So there will be no babies this month either. That sucks.

Spending time with family is good and needed. That does not suck.

Discussing politics with family is complicated. And does mostly suck.

But tomorrow there will be yarn petting and Italian food. That does definitely not suck.

Wine is pretty good too.

Happy Birthday grandma!

Today was my Friday and the reason for that is that today is also my paternal grandmothers 80th birthday, I am taking tomorrow off to be able to get her and my dad from the airport and deliver them to town. Later we are all having dinner at my sisters. This is something that happens very rarely, me and my siblings live down here and dad and grandma up north. Also we are a family of introverted homebodies who do love each other dearly but can’t seem to get around to meeting that often. It works for us.

So, looking forward to this weekend!