Long day is long

While the day stared slow and nice with coffee and knitting in front of Vasaloppet it then took off like a speeding thing of speed. We went to an outlet and got more plates and such, drove way too much and then I had to go to Ikea because I forgot my pillow at the inlaws.

Everyone goes to Ikea on Sundays. Especially families with kids who quickly get tired and bored. I barely made it out with my sanity and a new pillow. And more yarn storage because the obvious solution when the tubs get full is to get more tubs. Everyone knows that.

Besides all this I also had time to re-color my hair. Something that takes a good several hours.

So.. It was a good but exhausting day. Which ended with me and husband duoing Icecrown Citadel and killing the Lich King.

Here’s your daily Maja!



Epic waffles and wonderful jam

We are visiting the inlaws this weekend and today we took a little road trip. We went to a tiny little village with the largest and tastiest waffles around, it’s a company that makes jam who also have a little cafe where you can buy freshly made, extremely crisp waffles that taste amazing! They are served with their yam, you can pick the kind, and whipped cream and a good dollop of awesome 🙂


On the way we took an unintended detour but that was all good for me as I got more time to work on my current knitting WIP – a mystery knit along inspired by Desolation of Smaug.

Maja is with us on this visit, she doesn’t really approve of how cold they keep the house but her gargoyle impression is coming along nicely!