#blogg100 Themed Tuesday – Haunted Houses

Nowadays I am a pretty pragmatic person, I believe mostly in what I see and have a healthy does of scepticism versus the supernatural but that doesn’t mean it can’t scare me shitless! This weeks theme for the themed Thursday is haunted houses and it made me think of one of the few horror movies that actually scared me for real. And it wasn’t even in color.


I happened on this movie from 1959 late one night and just couldn’t turn it off. It uses very fem special effects, mostly just sounds but I still remember the creeping fear it instilled in me. The fear that stuck around a good long while after. The haunted house troupe is still my favourite scary movie troupe. Other good examples of it are The Others and The Orphanage.


A photo an hour

I almost forgot but in the end I went for it anyway, one photo an hour from 10 am to 10 pm, -ish. You can see it all with my little comments too over on Instagram (link in the sidebar, but here is a nifty little overview:


Glitterball spaceships and pizza

Today was the day Sweden picked their contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest, there’s been qualifications on the last five Saturdays where the ten finalist were chosen and tonight it was decided. Now, usually I don’t listen to the kind of music that features in this competition but still it’s something I watch each year, I read up on the contestants and speculate wildly all the way through. It’s all in good fun!

This year I invited a bunch of people to watch with me but sadly all but one couldn’t make it. It was really no worry through as I still discussed the competition over Skype, WhatsApp and imessage with three different people. I couldn’t keep up with twitter at the same time so ‘dreas just read me tidbits. It wasn’t as good as having your friends there for it but it was still awesome. And we didn’t have to share the pizza!

As for the results, well, it was very close, I like that, but the fact that the winner plays fast and loose with the English language makes me wish Ace Wilder had won over Sanna instead of the other way around. Alcazars glittery discoball spaceship thing would have done well in Europe though, and it was by far the best show.

Tomorrow I am heading into town to meet my mother and sister. I might do an improvised One Photo An Hour just because it’s been a while since I did and it seems like a day with enough different things that it will be at least remotely interesting!

Sunny nails!

This is how you do sunny nails if you are of the slightly gothic persuasion.


That is, with the bleak sunrise reflecting in your dark dark polish! Suitably enough the polish is from A England’s collection Gothic Ladies, this is Ophelia and while it looks black up there there’s actually tiny purple glitter in it. I almost got it to show up in this picture:


I love the light in the bathroom at work, it also allows me to take selfies like this one!


Belated Theme Tuesday – Reading!

So I was a bit too tired to manage my blog last night which was a bit sad since it was the first Theme Tuesday, an event put together by Boktimmen-Fia. We all who wanted to join sent in one or several themes and then she pulled one from a jar. This first week the theme is “Why is it important to be a reader?”

I am having problems answering this actually because I can’t image not being a reader. Books have been a constant companion in my life for as long as I can remember, when I couldn’t read myself I was read to and when I started to learn I read everything, even the signs passing by as we went somewhere in the car.

If I wasn’t a reader I wouldn’t be be and that’s why I think being a reader is important, because it gives you a chance to find out who you are by being other people for a little while, by getting to know people who are long dead or made up, by loving people not even from this world.

And it doesn’t matter what you read. Sure, I might raise an eyebrow now and then at peoples choices but really, “50 shades…” or War and Peace don’t matter none. Just as long and words are read and stories told.


Long day is long

While the day stared slow and nice with coffee and knitting in front of Vasaloppet it then took off like a speeding thing of speed. We went to an outlet and got more plates and such, drove way too much and then I had to go to Ikea because I forgot my pillow at the inlaws.

Everyone goes to Ikea on Sundays. Especially families with kids who quickly get tired and bored. I barely made it out with my sanity and a new pillow. And more yarn storage because the obvious solution when the tubs get full is to get more tubs. Everyone knows that.

Besides all this I also had time to re-color my hair. Something that takes a good several hours.

So.. It was a good but exhausting day. Which ended with me and husband duoing Icecrown Citadel and killing the Lich King.

Here’s your daily Maja!