Glitterball spaceships and pizza

Today was the day Sweden picked their contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest, there’s been qualifications on the last five Saturdays where the ten finalist were chosen and tonight it was decided. Now, usually I don’t listen to the kind of music that features in this competition but still it’s something I watch each year, I read up on the contestants and speculate wildly all the way through. It’s all in good fun!

This year I invited a bunch of people to watch with me but sadly all but one couldn’t make it. It was really no worry through as I still discussed the competition over Skype, WhatsApp and imessage with three different people. I couldn’t keep up with twitter at the same time so ‘dreas just read me tidbits. It wasn’t as good as having your friends there for it but it was still awesome. And we didn’t have to share the pizza!

As for the results, well, it was very close, I like that, but the fact that the winner plays fast and loose with the English language makes me wish Ace Wilder had won over Sanna instead of the other way around. Alcazars glittery discoball spaceship thing would have done well in Europe though, and it was by far the best show.

Tomorrow I am heading into town to meet my mother and sister. I might do an improvised One Photo An Hour just because it’s been a while since I did and it seems like a day with enough different things that it will be at least remotely interesting!


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