Pumpkin Pie

My mother had a birthday on Friday and me and my siblings went to visit. Me and my sister both love to bake and my mother dislikes it so we brought the baked goods.

I might have gone a bit overboard.

The biggest success was my pumpkin pie, I’d made it the day before and I think that was part of the reason, it had time to really develop those nommy flavors. Also it looked awesome:


The other thing I made came from the book mum got me at Magnolia Bakery. It was their Red Velvet Cake (except I made it purple using a bit of blue food coloring with the red) with Vanilla Buttercream Icing. This was the surprise of the weekend for me. Even on Sunday (this was also baked on Thursday evening) it was still so very moist and yummy. Highly recommended recipe indeed.

I had lots of leftovers when we left mum’s so I went by the neighbor and left a pan of pie and cake. Apparently I am now sainted in their home. Behold the power of baked goods 🙂


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