The great tiredness

I napped for almost an hour earlier and I slept almost nine hours last night and still I am ready to head for bed and it’s only 9 pm. I might have been in serious deficit on my sleep account.

Dear grandmother managed to fall and hurt her wrist and ribs after getting here, usually not a huge problem except she only has one leg and uses crutches to get around. So she wasn’t really up to navigating the metro so I drove her and the others around today, did more city driving than I’ve done before and it went splendidly. Even managed to parallel park on the first try!

After being so social for two days I am staying home tomorrow and doing some much needed house work. And some fun things, like planting chilli-seeds and maybe doing some knitting!

Happy Birthday grandma!

Today was my Friday and the reason for that is that today is also my paternal grandmothers 80th birthday, I am taking tomorrow off to be able to get her and my dad from the airport and deliver them to town. Later we are all having dinner at my sisters. This is something that happens very rarely, me and my siblings live down here and dad and grandma up north. Also we are a family of introverted homebodies who do love each other dearly but can’t seem to get around to meeting that often. It works for us.

So, looking forward to this weekend!

#blogg100 Themed Tuesday – Haunted Houses

Nowadays I am a pretty pragmatic person, I believe mostly in what I see and have a healthy does of scepticism versus the supernatural but that doesn’t mean it can’t scare me shitless! This weeks theme for the themed Thursday is haunted houses and it made me think of one of the few horror movies that actually scared me for real. And it wasn’t even in color.


I happened on this movie from 1959 late one night and just couldn’t turn it off. It uses very fem special effects, mostly just sounds but I still remember the creeping fear it instilled in me. The fear that stuck around a good long while after. The haunted house troupe is still my favourite scary movie troupe. Other good examples of it are The Others and The Orphanage.